Cool little amp

Obviously I only use it for practicing in my studio/office. It's so cute, very compact, light, easy to move.

Build: It's made of plastic, with a metal grill. Battery powered, and batteries seem to last quite a while.


It sounds pretty great. It's got a lovely mid-range crunch to it, with a usable tone knob from dark to bright. There is a crackle/hiss though, and it's a little muddy, but it's not made for recording. For practice, it's fine. I use it on bass too. Delay is poor. Gets washed out easily, difficult to hear if it's there at all. PS, this thing is LOUD. I mean way louder than I thought it'd be.


Usable tones, usable features, batteries last long, compact, cool looking, loud-ish.


Crackle/hiss, delay is poor, a little muddy.

All in all, I'd recommend this for the casual guitarist if you want an affordable, small amp to noodle around on that can be stored away in a drawer with ease. It's BY FAR the best of the pocket size mini amps on the market. It's not a toy, but it's not an amp either. It is what it is!

Check it out!