The best sounding modelling amp around

To put this first out of the way, since a lot of people are comparing this to the Boss Katana: It's a totally different thing. If you want to combine the amp with your pedals or play around with a multitude of effects, go with the Katana, if you just want to plug directly into a great sounding amp that has just a few effects, go with the Silverline.

Also, there are a few youtube demos going around where they don't play around with the "ISF" and "response" options on the amp which change the sound drastically.

It comes with a USB port so you can plug it into your PC, where you can try even more presets in the app and it also gives you more in-depth options for tweaking your sound. But the program doesn't have the best interface which isn't a big problem, since it's not necessary for the amp.

So, in short, if you want a great plug & play amp with a lot of different sounds, this is the one