Full of suprises!

I've purchased this pedal to use it in front of my amp or in FX loop for a variety of different effects which I do not use frequently so I do not need to go and buy every one of them individually and I lack of space on stages to squeeze them in. Also I knew it could be a amp substitute in case of a emergency.

The interface alone is very intuitive and easy to understand, works like a pedalboard FX chain and you can choose and setup every segment of the chain individually. The effects are outstanding and beyond all expectatioins, but once you step into the amps models and drive pedals thats when you really drop your jaw!

Simulations are remarkable, as well are the pedals, and they do behave like an amp on your volume pot, it clears nicely and you can stack your gain stage and achive every possible sound imaginable!

I ended up using it straight into mix board every time we travel, have a smaller stage or couple of guest on it.

When conditions are right ofc I prefer my Egnater Rebel or Laney Lionheart and my all analog pedals, but this MFX is a bang for the buck!!!

No brainer!!!