Excellent universal combo

I was looking for universal combo to participate in small jams, recordings, repetitions and home work. And all my expectations have been met together in this device. It's loud enough with my strat to work with careful non-agressive drummer and meanwhile it can be used at home volume for exercises or recordings.

It sounds very well with pedals, has good functionality (3 line EQ, 2 channels, boost button, master volume and presence knob), specially I was impressed by deep of reverb. Didn't expect such sound from digital reverb. Boost button doesn't make sound more agressive in my case but it makes combo more sensitive for play technique. Editor is very useful when you need to store somewhere and quickly apply your patterns. It is handful and you're going for recording or jam and need to quickly set up your sound.

And finally few words about quality - there is not so mach to describe, Combo was build very well, I didn't afraid to bring it with me in the car. Only one thing expected to be improved here is cover. Currently I didn't see anything available specially for this combo but hopefully it will came back to market soon.