Best for its price

Instantly eliminated all noise issues and gives enough power (500mA) to power more than one pedal from one Boss PSA with an appropriate split cable. I had to use it to believe that a good power supply will get rid of all unwanted noise in the signal chain, compared to a cheaper one.

I actually have 4 of them, gathered throughout the years, all still working flawlessly, and use all four plugged in a power strip under my Pedalboard Classic JR giving me a total of 2000mA and they power 8-9 pedals (mostly analog but also a couple of digital ones) without any problems.

No ground loops, no unwanted noise, no need for a professional power supply (such a cioks) yet!

Works really well and the build quality is top notch. I Have used them both live and in studio.

One minor complaint is that the cable is really really long which is useful when you're trying to reach a socket that's far away but for me that I use them with a power strip under my pedals it can get a bit cluttered under my pedalboard when I have the four of them together.

Worth the buy. Highly recommended!