Great for Heavy Gainy music

I was hoping to get a 2 channel amp with great clean and great drive tone but in this case I've got a Clean that is very cold and "immediate" sounding, lacking tube sag and warmth. The Drive channel is better but still too "immediate". Maybe this is something shreeders need but for my playing I need more warmth and note that bloom rather than just jump into my face.

All in all, Bugera G20 is built like a butique amp and the quality is just sublime. I have the V5 and V55 so I know their quality and the V series is just fantastic sounding on the Clean channel, but their drive channels are nothing special and therefore I tried this G20 but its just too cold sounding for me. For playing live this tone will do just fine but for studio recirding not so much unless such colness is desired from a tube amp! I need warmth and blooming notes from my tube amps.