If you're looking for a versatile amp for home recording or even for a bit of gigging, you could do a lot worse for the price.

I've had this amp for a bit over a year now and I have had no desire to buy a new one (which is a big compliment to this amp), I can get a good range of tones out of the amp without the use of pedals. I play a few different genres of music and have been repeatedly surprised at what this amp is capable of if you're willing to twiddle some knobs.

The OD section of the amp has a three knob tone stack that has a lot of range, when combined with the "morph" function (which seems to me to be a mid range shift sort of thing) you can dial in Marshall-esque tones, to scooped mids modern tones, to low gain bluesy fender-y tones. The max level of gain is probably a bit lower than some metal fans might desire, but I find most amps to be borderline unusable at max gain so this is fine by me.

The clean section doesn;t run through the same EQ as the gain section, it runs through a single "tone" knob, which at first I was not thrilled about until I realised there wasn't a position on that knob that didn't sound good and having separate tone settings for each channel is desirable.

This thing is built well and looks great to my eye. The newest Bugeras seem to be free from the issues that plagued the brand in the early days, the quality on this amp is excellent.

The only issue I have is that you can only turn the reverb on and off with the foot switch and that the stock tubes are very average.