Packs a punch

I had a 120w 6260 Bugera before with a 4x 12 cab and it was too much for what I needed volume wish and also carrying it was tough.

After seeing the G20 I thought this would be a good option, as I like Bugera and for the spec and price, other amps didnt really look on par.

The 20w output through a 1x12" 300w cabinet is pretty damn good, it has a beautiful clean tone, ideal for jazz and blues and even playing an acoustic through. The EL34 tubes give a very tight gain and it is on power with the bigger 6260, the option of the US & British tone is great, along with the speaker simulation allows a lot of tones, even before you plug in an effect pedal.

If you do need more volume, you can switch impedance, so I can still use the 4x12 for bigger gigs. It has an fx loop so no need to modify my pedalboard and also a headphone input, this is a great option for being able to play at home with your live pedals and not have the neighbours complain!

All around this is a very well made amp, Bugera have taken an eye to detail and given it a very cool finish.

This is an all in one practice, home recording and live amp, a swiss army amp!