G20 Head

I purchased the amp as I needed a small tube one for home practice and occasional rehearsals. A 20W pure tube is more than enough for that - it can easily power a 2x12 cab while keeping some headroom.

The G20, through a V30 speaker cab, sounds rather american/modern, although the morph knob allows you to colorise the sound to give it a more british tone if you're into marshall amps (it's not a real brit of course but it gets that certain feel when turned to 11;)

You can get pretty decent distortion out of the box and nice metal sounds when running a TS in front of it. It's not a dual rectifier type of sound though - if you want to melt the paint off the walls get a Mesa or a Peavey instead.

Cleans are nice but not using them much to be honest to give you the full picture.

Things I really like on that amp:

- Headphone out working in standby mode and builtin speaker simulation

- Speaker output with switchable resistance, you can hook this baby up into virtually any cab out there

- Good build quality

- Sounds nice, not spectacular but I'm happy with the sounds I can get out of it

Things to nitpick about / would be nice to have:

- Headphone output with a forced speaker simulation, would be nice to have a 'clean' one there

- A separate EQ for the clean channel would be awesome

- For my taste, 12AX7 preamp tubes would make this thing slightly better