Great axe!

Exactly what i was expecting from a Charvel guitar. Amazing quality ,BIG sound distortion and clean. The feeling of the instrument is something else. The neck is smooth like velvet. Amazing instrument.

Update after 20 days of having the instrument:

The instrument introduced neck pocket cracks. Hair thin cracks from both bass and treble sides. Charvel told me that this is normal and that this has to do with the neck settling(i 've spoken with many people having Charvels and no one said that they have cracks, they were kind enough to send me pics as well). Thomann told me that they can check the guitar and either replace it or refund it ,but the refund amount won't be the same because i do not have the box of the guitar. Very disappointed, how should i know if the guitar will have issues out of the blue after 20 days, i kept the box for the first week since i have the Charvel original case. I was not expecting an answer like that from Thomann for an issue that probably was due to poor packaging. Very disappointed. FYI this was the 2nd guitar i received from Thomann ,as the first one came with many issues, and in the first 20 minutes was back in its box and sent back.

Note: the guitar was since day 1 in its case and in upright position in a special stand as all my other guitars. Off course it was not gigged or dropped.

Off course this does not change my mind on the instrument.