Looks solid, feels a bit cheap

I was looking for an extension cord for my headphones, to use in the studio, and came across with this option - the price seemed fair and in my experience cordial cables have been generally good.

When it arrived it looked very solid, it seemed to have good finishes, and I almost felt like I had found a bargain. However, it wasn't. The worst thing about this cable is the awkward female connection - it's unstable and problematic. I had problems connecting 2 out of 3 jack ends into it... One didn't fit, and the other kept disconnecting, hanging a bit loose - they always worked perfectly fine in anywhere else I tried them, so I'm positive that the problem lies in the female connector of this product. Fortunately, it finally worked fine with an old adapter I had lying around, or else I would have returned it. There is also a noticeable difference in sound quality and noise level when this cable is introduced, despite having chosen the shortest option available to avoid capacitance issues - while this one is 3m long, the other options available are 5m, 7,5m and 10m long.

To conclude, I will not buy these again. I'm keeping mine because it eventually managed to do its job, but I do recommend looking for better options out there before resorting to this one.