Nice features but poor construction.

The people at factory really screwed up installing the bridge on my guitar. The string holes and saddle positions are not on the right spot making it very difficult to intonate. I have to loosen the saddles screws all the way down on the thinner strings and it's still too flat at the 12th fret.

Besides that, the saddles are also misaligned in relation to the neck. And I'm not talking about the fanned fret and multiscale design. They are tilted making the strings never sit properly in the pocket on the saddles. This makes strings really easy to break.

Fretwork isn't great also.

They missed the oportunity to make a great guitar here.

The transport cardboard box is the worse! Almost thin as paper! What a bad way to cut costs! My guitar came with the headstock tip smashed and the box was pierced in transport. Too bad I live in a country where I have to pay taxes in advance. It would not work for me to return it.