There will never be another like this :-(

This is hands down the best string I have ever purchased! Many times before I have purchased a string only to find it didn't quite live up to my expectations. But not so with this particular string.

As soon as I opened the corrosion inhibitor packaging I knew this string was different.

Firstly, it was 1.28mm longer than any other string of it's type that I had personally measured. The steel compound contained 5 times more tin(Sn) which is obviously one greater than the 4 times more tin which D'Addarrio claim it should contain by way of their EXP Compound Plating process. The weight did seem to be in accordance with other strings of the same type that I have purchased previously, which I will admit to being surprised at!! Throughout all my tests and measurements, I could find no fault with this string. NONE!! But it did have an odd taste (which could very well be caused by the increase in tin)

So to sum up, if you are like me, and you only play with a single string in you guitar, make it this one. Well obviously not this exact string, but one very similar in design would do nicely!!!