Dragao Guitarra Portuguesa Coimbra S

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String Set for Guitarra Portuguesa Coimbra

  • Complete set of 12 strings
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • 2x B-/SI-string: 011P
  • 2x A-/LA-string: 012P
  • 2x E-/MI-string: 015P
  • 1x B-/SI-string: 022W
  • 1x B-/SI-string: 011P
  • 1x A-/LA-string: 024W
  • 1x A-/LA-string: 012P
  • 1x D-/RE-string: 038W
  • 1x D-/RE-string: 028W
  • All strings with loop


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