Great way to test the Jazz II type picks

The pack includes 6 picks made from different materials and in different sizes.


Nylon Jazz III Red (47 3 N) - very solid if a bit slippery;

Nylon Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber (471 3 C) - the max-grip is a nice addition for such a small pick, and a bit easier to get used to;

Nylon Jazz III XL Black (47 S XL) - an XL version of Jazz III nylon very similar feel to the red one;

Tortex Jazz M3 (427 M 3, Green) - very light and fast pick;

Ultex Jazz III (427) - very light, stiff and slippery;

Ultex Jazz III XL (427 XL) - same as the small one, a bit easier to play if you are used to bigger picks.

Overall very satisfied with the pack, which is a great introduction to Jazz III series picks.