The pedal I was looking for

The DW 9000 pedal has all the features one can ask from a pedal. It's easy to set up, and once you find the right adjustments, you never need to worry about them again. I like how the beater is a bit heavier than most beaters. It helps me to play very hard and heavy when I need to, but it still doesn't make the pedal feel like it's working against you, even when you play softly. It's also nice that switching between plastic and felt is quick and effortless. You can tell just by looking at the pedal, that it's a high quality product that has been engineered by professionals and made from the best materials.

In a nutshell, this is a very good pedal. It allows me to play easily in any kind of a situation: slow, fast, hard, softly. It feels like a natural extension of my leg, and it always does exactly what I want it to. You know that you have a great pedal when you forget that its even there - you just play "with your ears" and enjoy the music!