Morley Ebtech Hum Eliminator 2

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Hum EliminatorPedalboards are fragile and expensive luxury items. Those, who, for example, have tried to manage their pedalboard with as few power supplies as possible, could - like me - have already been driven to the brink of madness.

A sickening buzz, which always appeared when I wanted to operate certain pedals with one power supply, forced me to use in addition to my expensive multi power supply an ugly angled plug (and thus also a plug strip).

Do you hear a hum or buzz in your audio signal? Are long unbalanced lines across stage creating noise problems? The solution is the Hum Eliminator from Ebtech. Requiring no dangerous ground lifts, the grounding is left intact - Why only now?!

  • 2 Channel Box
  • Eliminates AC hum
  • Prevents ground loops, while leaving the grounding intact
  • Passive (no power supply)

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Morley Ebtech Hum Eliminator 2

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Morley Ebtech Hum Eliminator 2

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