Excellent Quality Strings, As Always!

I like to use quite thin gauges for the higher strings on my guitar because I like the twangier sound. However, my fingers and quite sensitive and I sometimes find that the thinner the strings are, they sharper they can be. Nothing puts you off picking up your guitar more than painful fingers caused by the strings themselves!

This is not the case with Elixir strings however. I know many people use them because they want a set of high quality, longer lasting strings, but I find that the coating not only lengthens the life of the higher strings, but prevents them from cutting into your fingers as much.

With thinner gauges there is a bit of a trade off with the coating because if your fingers are particularly sweaty, you might find your fingers slipping. This is easy enough to get used to though, and definitely worth it, considering the fact that these strings last 3-4 times longer than other brands.

The sound produced by these strings can be slightly difficult to get used to if you're new to them, so bear this in mind. I feel the coating slightly cuts the "twang" some people enjoy. I you're playing bluegrass or something similar, you might find they reduce the brightness and deaden your sound a bit.

Overall though, these strings are definitely worth the price I would recommend, as I'm sure many guitar players would, stocking up on a few extra low gauge strings just in case!