Excellent Value for Money

I've deliberately waited several months before reviewing this product. All-too-often reviews are written within days of purchase but as a gigging musician I not only need gear which does what it's designed to, but which is also well-built and reliable. Almost 6 months in, this pedal has performed very well indeed. Yes on the surface there's perhaps not too much to say about a sustain pedal - it only does one thing, after all. It's built well, especially for it's price; the pedal action is quiet and smooth with a pleasing depth of travel and weight to it and there is a very useful polarity switch on the underside. In fact it's very similar to the much more costly Yamaha FC-5 which I also use.

The additional weight of playing whilst stood up takes its toll on sustain pedals, especially piano-style ones. Even the premium-branded ones suffer over time. I'm pleased to say after 6 months use the Fatar VFP1 has been excellent - no glitches; squeaks or rattles. Will it survive as long as a Yamaha FC-5? Time will tell, but at less than half the price, the Fatar has unbeatable bang for your buck.