Fischer Amps Rhapsody Rapture Opaque Black

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Product Details

Dynamic 3-Way In-Ear Earphones

  • 2 x Bass, 1 x mid, 1 x high
  • Subtle bass boost with very detailed and assertive midrange and fine-grained highs
  • Ergonomically shaped earpiece
  • External noise attenuation: approx. 20 dB
  • Impedance @ 100Hz: 19 ohms
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 31 ohms
  • Impedance @ 10kHz: 35 ohms
  • Sensitivity @ 0.1V: 118dB at 100Hz, 112dB at 1kHz, 115dB at 10kHz
  • Kink-resistant connection cable with 800 N tensile load
  • Suitable for professional in-ear monitoring with high assertiveness
  • Detachable 140 cm cable with angled gold mini jack plug
  • Housing colour: Dark gray transparent
  • Faceplate: Opaque Black
  • Includes transport bag with zipper and carabiner, double-lamella silicone tips one pair each in sizes S, M, L, foam tips one pair each in sizes S, M, L, cleaning tool
  • Made in Germany


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