Gibson Mini Humbucker T Chrome

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Originally, the mini humbuckers were only to be found in the Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. The narrower magnetic field produces a clear and compact sound compared to normal humbuckers. In the 1970s, these pickups were often replaced by stronger pickups (often with significantly unpleasent frequency range) - today, where gain and sustain are no longer a big issue due to modern amps and pedals, the great sound of these pickups is however appreciated once more.

The model for the bridge position has a little more output and brings incredibly strong riffs and assertive leadlines to the sense of hearing.

  • Small size
  • Limited magnetic field - a clear and focused sound
  • Original replica with alnico II magnets
  • Adjustable pole screws
  • With cream coloured plastic frame
  • Bridge position
  • Chrome cover

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