Bosworth Tom Hapke 66 Drumsolos

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66 Drum Solos

66 Drum Solos deals exclusively with 12-bar drum solos that are presented in a clear and accessible format. Many different styles are presented, including rock, fusion, double bass, warm-up solos, jazz, off beats, 6/8, 7/8, solos with more versatility...the list goes on. A large repertoire of grooves and fills offer the budding drummer a wealth of ideas for improvisation on the drum set. The included CD contains useful recordings of drum solos, giving the drummer the possibility to listen in, and to try out for themselves by playing along. This is a well-rounded training resource for reading, timing and independence in one resource.

66 Drum Solos is a huge source of inspiration for every drummer, taking into account all levels of difficulty, from beginner up to professional. Still in doubt? Then read one of the many statements of support for Hapke's new learning approach from renowned drummers from the German and American music scene. A brilliant addition to a modern and versatile teaching style with a motivating layout.

  • New edition of the book
  • Drum solos from the fields of rock, jazz, heavy, fusion, shuffle, etc.
  • With playback CD
  • 70 Pages

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