Good case, offers great protection

This is a high quality kick drum case which offers great protection for your kick drum. The material of the case is durable and will sustain plenty of the typical punishment that you'd encounter while on the road with gigs. There are plenty of handles which makes it easier to lift or pull along with you in and out of venues. The straps offer some extra slack too for longer drums. I actually use this to my advantage as I use a soft case for my cymbals, so that i can put the cymbals in there on top of the kick drum head and carry the whole lot out with me.

I'd have two criticisms though to detail. First, the clips on the straps do wear out and so you have to be weary of them. They bend easier than I expected they would. The second, to a lesser extent, are the wheels. If you want to pull the kick drum along on the wheels, it would have been better to have four spread out rather than two. Sometimes I just end up putting the case up on a trolly instead as it can be clunky to pull along. Other than that, if you want sometime pretty heavy duty to protect your kick, then this is a great choice all the same.