Jumbo acoustic electric guitar.

To cut a long story short, buy it, I doubt you will be disappointed!

I bought mine in mid January this year, 2018. It was well packed, double boxed and arrived in perfect condition. I bought it to play with my Banjo and Mandolin playing friend as my electric guitars tend to drown his sound even though I turn the amps well down. When I opened the boxes (avoiding injury from the Staples of Doom) I was amazed at the quality of the guitar. The neck is slim and feels more like an electric to play, the Gold tuners are smooth and look really nice with the Pearl buttons. The Ovangkol finger board is very nice and the fretwork is amazingly good. The frets themselves are small and thin which I like. The inlay work is perfect, no filler anywhere and the coloured centres look classy, not cheap to me. The nut is fine, no tuning issues. The Fishman pickup system works nicely as does the tuner once you get used to it, the sound plugged in is brighter compared to the more mellow unplugged tone. The Walnut back and sides, probably plywood but that I do not know for sure look very nice. The Rosette, pick guard, bridge and binding again seem of very high quality. The guitar is very light, almost weightless after playing my electrics. When I play plugged in I use either a katana 50 on the acoustic channel or a Vox Mini 3 battery amp or my Mustang 3 V2, it sounds well through them all. I have left my only criticism of this guitar until last. It may be I was a little unlucky but the grain on the top is a little washed out in a couple of places. This is a shame but then again in a way it adds character and is in no way a reason to reject the guitar. I hate to say that for the money this is a very good instrument because that does not do it justice, my opinion is, it is worth a lot more than I paid for it and so, Thank you Thomann! If you are looking for an acoustic electric Jumbo I really do not think you can go wrong with one of these!