I bought this thinking if it was rubbish I'd give it to my daughter to learn on, but there's just no way she's getting this, it's gorgeous. After a very quick set up to my specifications (It was set up fine from the factory but we all have out own preferences), this guitar plays beautifully. The neck is lovely and slim and extremely comfortable to play all the way up and down the neck. The pearloid tuners on gold posts are a nice touch and look really classy.matched up with the abalone inlays on the neck and you have a winning combination. The spruce top is a really nice piece of wood and resonates great. Combined with the walnut back and sides chords ring out very nicely and fingerstyle players will love the articulation on this guitar. I paid £177 for this guitar and it's worth at least 3 times that price when you look at the quality on display. I honestly don't know how Thomann are doing these things so cheap...I'm half expecting the 7 dwarfs to come walking past singing Hi Ho Hi Ho, after a hard shift building Harley Benton guitars. Honestly I just don't see the down side of buying one of these, it's amazing value for money, really incredible.