Lovely guitar. Good looking.

After reading feedback on this guitar, i ordered it in a bundle with gig bag and picks.. Out of the box guitar was a little bit high on strings for my liking, which is normal. I prefer low action. So i sanded down the bridge 1,3mm. Bridge was bone. No plastic.. Excellent.. After tune-up the guitar was perfect. No fret buzz, and strings height is fine. Also plugged in sounded good. Guess it will be even better after it has settled down for some weeks.. The finish is perfect. Everything is well put together.. Neck is very good out of the box, and no need for adjustment. The tuners are smooth and guitar seems to stay in tune. I like the sound of it. A lot warmer than maple guitars, which i think is too bright. But still crisp sound. Well balanced sound. The combination of walnut and spruce body seems like a good match.. Also the color of the guitar is beautiful.. It looks like a 1000$ guitar..