Very Good and Stable Cable

I bought this a few weeks ago.This Harley Benton GC 6 PR Vintage tweed cable is a very good instrument cable. It is well made and it is a quality cable. It wooks well with my instruments and I am happy with my purchase.Once it arrived I realised its construction outweighs its price by quite a margin. The plugs are very sturdy and seem better than almost all but my most expensive cables, and the cable itself looks fantastic and seems durable. I know its early days still but I can defiantly see myself buying a few more of these.

Great cable and the price was appealing.Fairly decient quality cable excepts for the plugs, the thread insida the cover is bad and the cover falls of, this has happend to all 3 cables I bought. If the plugs where changed to better quailty this would be a great and price-worth cable.