Okay cable for the practice room, but fragile

I got this for the oldies look and low price and its electrical properties turned to be okay. It will reduce your take treble compared to better cables, but it's nothing like the bad cables where this effect is very prominent. This is pretty impressive for the price range.

However, It doesn't fare very well on a stage. The minor thing is that the tweed design is fabric and will soak up liquids. That gets gross fairly quickly.

Much worse, while the connectors look fine and sturdy, the build of the cabling itself is flimsy and it died on me twice, once after a month of regular stage use, and another time after someone stepped on it while it was lying flat on the ground.

If you don't need reliability or won't be moving it around unpredictable environments, then it's an okay cable that won't kill your tone in a practice situation. But this is not a rugged cable and I advise against relying on it for performing. In that situation, it is at best a backup cable.