Sturdy all-around stool

It's an excellent, sturdy stool, which is easily foldable and transportable. It's very good for any guitar, whether a large acoustic, electric or bass. Used it two times for a Fender acoustic bass which is a bit more awkward than other instruments, also without problems. It has a place for your legs in front. I think unless you weigh a ton it won't break -- the construction seems to account for a broad weight range. It has a holder for any guitar and that's where I usually keep one -- a guitar of any weigh won't tip the stool over, unlike some other stools I've seen.

I also use it for playing keyboards with the stand K&M 18976, the keyboard sits ideally 10-15 cm (4-6 in) higher than the stool, so make sure your stand can go that high.

Also doubles as an impromptu bar stool. Has not been tried in a bar fight, so cannot comment on that, but I have a gut feeling it could survive very rough times.