The Harley Benton HB-35Plus Vintage Burst

I recently reviewed my Cherry version of the HB-35Plus, and now I will talk about my Vintage Burst. Of course, some of the review will be quite similar, but there was a difference outside of cosmetic, which I will get too. On with the review?

As I mentioned on the Cherry, this shipment of guitars and pedal took only 7 days to get here. This is from Thomann, Germany?to the central US. (Missouri) I have ordered in-country things that have taken longer to receive?I can?t explain it, but I love the fact this got here so quick!

A lot of folks in the US worry about the condition of their shipment. I guess the travel takes a toll on some orders, and I even know of a few instances where guitars were damaged. Everything arrived in great shape. No complaints at all!

Now, let?s talk about the guitar?

The looks?well, what do you expect? It?s a beautiful guitar. I?m a sucker for sunburst/vintage-burst guitars. This is beautiful?BUT, I don?t know why, the Cherry one I ordered seems to catch my eye a bit more. Something about it, with the shape?just looks better. But that is totally opinion?and nothing more. This sucker is still beautiful.

The neck on the HB-35 is different than what I am used too. It?s a thick neck, but not particularly wide. With the exception of one guitar I own, which has a rather wide neck, everything I own has a much smaller neck. I?m getting used to this bigger neck rather quickly, and I do like it. Bending strings feels like waving a magic wand, and I love it.

One BIG difference between the Vintage Burst and Cherry from this order?. I mentioned how the cherry might need some work on the nut. The open strings stayed in tune. The higher notes stayed in tune?but for whatever reason, the Cherry had some problems with the D chord. It always sounded sharp. The vintage burst didn?t have this problem at all. In fact, the action was a bit lower, and I didn?t find one problem while playing. Even while jamming acoustic, the guitar sounded beautiful.

The switch/knobs/bridge/tuners all work great. I haven?t found one problem with any of it.

Lastly,the Pickups/Coil-split... I absolutely love the neck pickup. It nails that hollowbody blues tone that I want to solo with. For me, it?s magic. The bridge pickup is fine. It works for chords and I don?t have any problem with it. As for the single coils? it?s a bit thin for my taste. I did hear some strat like tones?but I don?t play a hollowbody for that. Still, that?s an opinion thing. You may absolutely love it!

Overall, this is an amazing guitar. It?s beautiful. It?s affordable. It feels solid. It?s worth the money and then some. If you are looking for a good hollowbody guitar, you need to try one of these before spending a fortune on a big name guitar? you may find this as the instrument you are looking for!