Pick of the litter

i said i would never buy a guitar over the internet and definitely not one from China. i had a semi-hollow body guitar about 30 years ago and always wanted another one, but could not afford a four figure price tag. About 12 months ago, while surfing the web for used semi-hollow bodies, i stumbled across a video comparison between a branded semi-hollow body and a guitar called the HB-35Plus. The reviewer said he was shocked about how well the HB-35Plus compared. After spending 100+ hours reviewing multiple sources, reading guitar articles and weighing the pros and cons (very few) that other musicians had shared in their reviews I took the plunge and bought the HB-35Plus Vintage Burst. I can't say enough good about this guitar. The flamed maple arch top is beautiful, the sunburst is well sprayed on the front, back, and sides, there's no bleed over on the cream binding, even around the f holes. The hardware and the fretboard are good quality. The inlays are attractive and the machine heads are sturdy and easily hold a tune. Concerning the Fretboard; lack of quality of materials and craftmanship most often show up in a low priced guitar when building out the fretboard and setting the intonation , not this HB-35Plus. The guitar was right on the mark. This will not be my last Harley Benton.