Good guitar, amazing for the money.

Lets get it out of the way, its not a 1k$ guitar. Does it strike above its price range, sure. But still, it needs work.

the bad:

The bridge came uncut, the nut needed to be cut as well and after lowering the action the 8 upper frets turned out to be too high.

All in all I paid a 100 euro for the setup + elixir strings.

For what its worth according to the guitar tech guy, most new guitars have similar problems except MusicMan guitars and most of American PRSs.

You can see the wires in the f-holes =\

coil split is mostly useless for me.

Its heavy for a semi hollow (3.9kg!!) and the neck is fat, fatter than my les paul -- some might like that

The pots feel cheap but get the job done.

the good:

Well balanced, none of that neck diving.

Surprisingly good tuners.

Sounds great, soft and warm.

Playable out of the box and a joy to play after the setup.

Price is great --> With case, shipping, VAT and the setup it clocked at more than 400 euro. And that is still a good price for it. A similar guitar costs about 600-700 euro locally, without a case and would still need a setup.

Bottom line, its a good guitar for a great price.

If you want a semi hollow and don't plan playing standing up -- this one is a great choice!