I love this guitar.

Great guitar. I lowered the action (I like low action) on this and have about 3mm at the last fret. Had to level the frets for that low action (otherwise it did not need it). If you like low action and can do some work yourself, this is a great guitar. The only thing I might do in future is upgrade the pickups. I changed the tunners though. The stock ones were ok but with new tunners it brings the guitar to a much better state. Removed the pickguard (I thought it was ugly, but I dont like pick guards in general). I think Thomann should leave them in the box and whoever wants them can mount them. It would be great for us who hate them not to leave us with the 2 holes (not a big deal but why not). Finish on this one was perfect. I love it and I'm not getting rid of it ever. Thanks Thomann.