Hidden Gem

Brilliant value and rapidly becoming one of my favourites.

Most of my guitars are basses. I already had a Fender Strat but I'd always wanted a 335 or something 335'ish. After seeing the video reviews of these HB35s I thought I'd take a chance on one.

I was not disappointed, she came out of the box playable and looked great; not counting THAT pick guard...

Finish is good and everything works. That sunburst is luscious.


Fret ends needed a little finishing; just slightly catchy here and there. Not horribly sharp.

To get her playing a little lower took a bit of fettling with the neck and the frets.

A little work brought her nearer the kind of spec one might expect to see on an American made guitar of this type.

Pick guard - that had to come off. Horrible shape, not well finished. After I was sure I would be keeping her, I remodelled the guard to take off that terrible horn and give it a more convention outline. I put a proper radius on the bottom end too. She looked good with no pick guard but now she just looks... right.

There was one little bit of transit damage.

One of the strings must have taken a knock in transit somewhere and was giving a curious buzz on just one fret. At first I thought it was a fret problem but upon magnified inspection I could see the dent was in the string. Thomann sorted that one with no fuss. Strings replaced.

Plays great, looks great. Tuning is stable. I'm very happy with her. going between her and my Strat, there is no feeling of a drop in quality or feel.

The pups are strong; I find they sound better when set lower rather than too close. Raising the poles (except the G and B) gives a brighter tone than just flat.

I put marvel strap locks on her just to be safe.

This experience has encouraged me to buy two more Harley Bentons; an SC-450 P90 GT (sweet) and a TE-70 Paisley (yet to get my hands on).

Somebody stop me !!! 8^)