Amazing guitar

My acquaintance with Harley Benton guitars began with the Harley Benton HBO-850NT guitar. It was not very good quality and there were concerns about buying a Harley Benton HB-35Plus Vintage Burst guitar. After reading reviews of other buyers, I decided to buy it. About a month of waiting and the guitar appeared in stock. Another 2 weeks of being sent to Russia and the guitar is in my hands.

They delivered to me exactly the same guitar as in the picture. It is very well made in quality. The neck is perfectly straight. All frets are sanded, it is clear that the guitar went through pre-sale preparation. Strings do not ring or cling to frets when played. Guitar tuners have a small gear ratio, which lengthens the tuning time of the guitar.

Humbuckers have a coil cutoff which allows for a wide variety of sounds from Les Paul to Telecaster.

This is my first semi-acoustic guitar and I absolutely love it.

The sound is very pleasant even though this is a guitar that costs less than 200 euros.

You need to understand when buying that this is not an acoustic guitar and without connection it will sound quiet. The empty cavities are found only on the sides of the case where the holes are cut. in the place of the pickups and the bridge is a mahogany block.

The guitar has a significant weight.

This guitar was purchased for home use.

To my incredible pleasure, I did not find any downsides in it. Only pluses in everything.

I am not a professional musician and I think this is the most beautiful instrument for amateur home playing.