Nice sounding guitar let down by poor QC

I'll keep it as brief as possible.

In terms of fit and feel compared to my old HB-35 standard (black)

Weight feels the same, overall feel is very similar.

On this one there are a few QC issues.

Blackened strings

A mix of tight and slippy tuners

Fret ends poorly finished, some look badly cut, some have filling visible around the fret end and the binding

Binding has some cracks and may have been damaged in places during fret finishing.

Crack in the nut plus loads of little plastic cuttings from the nut cutting process.

I've had to return several damaged guitars recently and I added a note to my order asking for careful packing.

Instead, my guitar arrived with only one crumpled piece of the brown packing paper Thomann use. It's almost like someone didn't like me asking for careful packing and did the opposite.

Thomann customer service has been good generally, my buying experiences have been mixed over the last while. Overall I am satisfied with the guitar, I contacted Thomann and they gave me a discount to reflect the QC issues.