Crazy value

I was looking for this style guitar for some Floyd/Hendrix/etc. that I was recording. Didn't feel like spending a ton and was ordering another guitar, so added this on to minimize the impact of the US shipping.

I've been incredibly impressed with this guitar, and have been using it almost nonstop (about 3:1 versus the more expensive guitar I bought at the same time). The build quality is extremely impressive at this or any price range. Guitar just feels great to play, sounds great unplugged or plugged in, and looks great. I wish I could've gotten a guitar of this quality at this price when I first started playing.

The main downside is that it just will not stay in tune (the G/B strings primarily go out of tune within a few minutes of playing). Basically have to stop recording and retune every couple of bars. Will look to pick up some better tuners in future, but for the time being, cannot beat this guitar for the price. The only other downside is that the frets are a little low for my tastes, but getting used to working around that so I can get the sound I need.

Another great Harley Benton purchase and I'm sure I'll be back for another in the future!