Hesitation means less play time!

For under £80 I expected a body, maybe a useable neck, but mainly a platform to mod and improve my set-up skills. Im a bedroom (occasionally hall/living room) player but have owned plenty of guitars to give this a fair review.

Nice weight - light but not too light. The body is perfectly finished .

The neck is immense. C shape with a nice, minimal finish.

The tuners may well be the cheapest tuners this side of Pluto but they look good, they perform good...they are good! The nut is really what dictates guitar staying in tune. This one is clearly a cheap plastic/synthetic bone type, but it is cut well. I have graphtec spares but no need to replace it yet. I did shape the ends of it , but thats all.

sound - It sounds like a strat! I did tilt, raise the pickup height...but this is what everyone should try before replacing.

Trem - I am a light term user. I did set up the trem to my own liking and it keeps in tune.

To conclude - this thing is great. Whether for a beginner for as a main guitar, you can't go wrong. Silly price. I recently had a squier affinity. They are over twice the price and very similar in quality.