The guitar arrived super fast, it amazes me how quickly it comes through the door.

Very well packed and protected. No damage to the guitar whatsoever.

My first impression is that for the amount of money spent its one hell of a good deal.

In general I would say the instrument is not a condition to be picked up and start jamming but investing a bit of time setting up you end up with a very playable guitar. Ideal for a student I believe.

The pickups are ceramic single coils, the sound is not bad but I am replacing these anyway.

The Tuning pegs again are cheap; they were loosely installed on the headstock! I I had to bring out a box spanner which sorted it in a couple of minutes.

The action and intonation were good. The bridge is again cheap but useable. The finish on the body I find very good.

This is not my first purchase from H.B , overall I believe they provide excellent value for money.