Lots of fret buzz

I have played this guitar for several month now. This is my first el guitar and I didnt expect much for this price. The fret buzz is extremely irritating and after adjusting the neck and even lifting up the bridge the fret buzz was still there :( The bridge pickup stops working suddenly and then works again ... poorly assembled I guess, bad connections maybe. I did contact Thomann and they will fix this for free as soon I send it to them. I hope they can fix this because playing the cleans is impossible with the fret buzz. Playing dirty it sounds great! Especially when I run it through the Digitech RP70! All in all not a keeper guitar (of course). On its own the single coil pickups sound too twangy. I guess changing the pickup would be good but then I would have been better off buying a more expensive HB guitar with Wilkinson PU. Its a solid guitar body and nice feel on the neck. But I am confident in Harley Benton deluxe series guitars after watching some reviews on you tube and reading about them on the Thomann guitars face book page. I will be soon buying a deluxe version and I wish I have never bought this one and simply add more money and get the deluxe Harley Benton guitar. But hey I could have returned this one in the first 30 days if I wanted to so its me to blame. My verdict is; if you know you will keep playing and practicing save a bit more money and get the deluxe versions with Wilkinson pickups.