Why did I wait so long?

I've had my eye on these guitars for years and was hesitant to buy ,being put off by some poor reviews ,but I finally succumbed,

So what did I get?

A guitar that punches way above its price,I've owned a solid top guild dreadnought that didn't sound as sweet!

The set up was perfect sub2mm string height,super level fretwork,

Immaculate Finnish,

Slick machine head's,plus a nice sounding preamp.

I've only dropped 1star off this guitar for the sharp unfinished fret ends ,which was an easy fix,.

The only thing I would advise anyone buying this guitar to do is don't judge it's quality until you get rid of the weird strings it come fitted with! 10s my ear! I fitted Harley Benton coated 10s ,and gave the nut a quick dress with one of those small welding nozzle cleaning file kits you can pick up for 5 euros!.

Was I just fortunate to get a good one ,seems not because I bought my wife the blue one and it's just as good,if only I'd tried one before I'd have saved myself a fortune .