Harley Benton HBO-850BK


every thing is there from this iconic copy, all thats missing is the long haired wig, bandana, rip kneed jeans or spandex pants if you really must and a arm held aloft with the lighter burning.


after a string change the sound is very impressive for the price if a little shrill (only a little though). the volume is all there it projects its sound acousticlly wonderfully loud and proud. plugged in its not quite so good the volume is noticlbly unballanced with the middle strings alot louder than the outer strings. the sound is still good and clear just makes you play a little differntly to compensate for thr unballenced sound.


paint job is good the 'Leaves' around the sound holes need a very good oiling as they are very dry and brittle. the tuners are adequit for the job. the neck feels lovely with the frets dressed superbly. the back shows a few ripples in places where its been moulded noticebly around the cutaway and neck, no big deal just with the fit and finish of this guitar and other harley bentons ive had its a shock to find a blemish at all.


overall a good guitar that will be played alot.. no wheres me bandana and spandex :D