Best Guitar

I bought this to learn the guitar and music theory and to do covers of songs.

It came with strings equipped, tuned, and very sexy. I bought strings and a bunch of picks just in case. The shipping (To Bulgaria) was very fast, around 6 days, and the tracking was immediate and often updated. I love my guitar!

There are a few youtube vids that showcase the guitar, just google the brand and model.

The only minus I can think of is that it came without a manual for how to set it up as an electric guitar. There is a panel on the guitar with sliders and buttons but I have no Idea what to do if i wanted to use is as an electric guitar to shred. I guess I should take it to the local music shop and ask or look it up on reddit.

I used it avidly for 5 or 6 months but then I stopped not because anything was wrong but because I got into uni and it's no longer my priority to study guitar. As soon as I finish uni and get back home I will focus on guitaring again I promise.