Look at it. I fell for that gorgeous all black with tort guard.

For this price? Suprise me.

And meanwhile I sold another guitar, so I had money to spend and a Sandberg winking at me in my wishlist.

But I had already ordered this one. So I figured, I'll be critical.

Out she came. Stunning looks, not a single flaw, no gaps, no anything.

Gave her a quick soundcheck as I needed to go out.

Hmm. Sounds good feels good.

On return I checked it through more thorough. Intonation was dead on, action was already very good. Swapped the strings out for daddario's balanced tension rounds and gave the trussrod squatter turn and lowered the saddles even more.

She plays like a dream.

Sound was good.

Still I pulled a Di Marzio 122 pick from another bass and soldered it in.

She will now blow away anything up into very pricey regions with ease.

I dropped the whole Sandberg idea because of how it feels and now sounds

And even though the tuners are just good, a dab of grease on the worm and they are really smooth. Yet I ordered black chrome schallers and a gotoh bridge.

With those installed it will give any P bass a run for its money.

Why if it's good? Cos with those on it is a premium instrument.

It is that good it just deserves those upgrades. Even when they are do not needed.

That Sandberg has a basswood body too.

By the way, that amaranth or what they call it? It is a treated maple.

So maple neck, maple fretboard.

The satin finish feels and looks deliciously good. I mean, it's all black.

I really fell in love with this bargain bass.

Get one. It sounds fine. Those Chinese strings you best replace and with that Di-Marzio pup, another 80 Bob and a spot if grease you have an insanely good P bass.

But even with the pup it comes with it is just a lovely bass.

Did I mention the looks?




Plays very good.

Decent hardware.


Strings, but hey, less then a 100.

Paint does scratch easy.