Lovely bass, super nice to play and looks killer!

This is a gorgeous PBass - in the matte black it look like Batman! Truly stunning! Neck level, frets perfect, finish flawless. Really isn't anything I can fault this beauty on!

The only frustration was the shipping - Changed from UPS to the other one since shipping with that was a total nightmare (very unhelpful customer service on the part of UPS and the staff seemed dim - they could not negotiate a barrier at my work address where I was sat so took the item for delivery to my home address, where I told them I wsn't going to be!!! Crass! And to make matters worse they never once tried to ring my mobile. If they had I could have physically walked the 20 yards from my desk to the office barrier let them in!!!). But, even UPS were better than the other lot they use! So, fantastic guitar, amazing customer service from Thomann but bloody awful carriers (the other one sat on my guitar for days before shipping it from the continent to the UK - the status didn't change day after day. Most frustrating.

I will be buying many more guitars from Thomman but I will be allowing myself plenty of time for delivery frustrations to not send me round the twist! God knows how they will ever achieve a deliver once I'm no longer working from home. I shudder to think!