Solid and reliable guitar.

I have waited for several months before writing this review. Several months of use. These are not my 'first impressions'.


The nut is cut a little strangely, and sharp at one edge. Can be easily fixed.

The back of the neck isn't the smoothest. I am comparing it to a Jackson Soloist and an American Stratocaster. This is to be expected.

The pickups are a little too muddy for my tastes. Pickups are easily replaceable.


- Fun to play.

- Came with perfect intonation out of the box. Zero fret buzz. Every fret articulated well. I didn't need to adjust anything.

- The pickups aren't to my tastes, however they still sound good if you understand basic amplification and audio production. Clients *loved* what I could do with this guitar.

- Fanned frets are super comfortable.

- Light weight.


I got way more than I bargained for with this guitar. It should not exist for this price.

If I were to upgrade the pickups and change the nut, it would be a solid and reliable guitar to gig with, or certainly a good back up guitar.

Congratulations to Thomann and Harley Benton on a superb product.