Merely good as a guitar, great for the price.

I have many 7-string and 8-string guitars (even a couple with 6!) but none with fanned frets so I thought the price was right here to try it out. If you're reading this to get an idea of how much of a learning curve there is to fanned frets, let me tell you: almost none.

My complaints are: 1) the frets feel weird. Bending strings against them feels like I'm going to end up filing them down until they break. I'll probably do some work to smooth them out a bit.

2) the bridge pickup on mine was really poorly made - I hope it's not common to all these guitars. Playing the low 6 strings was fine but I got almost no signal out of my high E string. I raised that side of it as much as I dared but it still sounded about 10db quieter than the other strings. I contacted support and sent a video of the issue and was told that this is acceptable to them for guitars in this price range. I understand! I happened to have an EMG-HZ 707 (not active) sitting around - I have no idea where from - and I put that in and all the strings pick up evenly now. Since I also had a push-pull pot, I now have coil tapping on the bridge pickup. :-)

I should mention that the stock pickups are have 2 wires (for those interested in upgrading) and the neck pickup had none of the issues the bridge pickup did. The guitar in general sounds fine, although I haven't tried it in a lot of different settings yet. So while it's not the best guitar I have, for the amazingly low price I paid and the hour or so of work I put into it, this is a pretty nice addition to my collection.