Interesting Purchase !!

Ok...received in 3 days. When unboxing it became obvious this guitar needed some tlc to get it set up correctly. I dont mind tinkering, especially with such a cheap experimental instrument such as this...the temptation to go 8 string experiment I specifically refer !! I daresay you get good ones and bad ones so I will rate mine as satisfactory as it WAS perfectly playable out of the box. However, I had to slacken the 5 neck bolts to pull the neck slightly as the strings were not parallel with the neck and aligned with the pickup poles properly...5 mins and it was was fixed...has not moved since. Neck joint very snug so take some comfort in that fact. Next...intonation was out but theres plenty of adjustment and another 10 minute job fixed that. Scale length is short for an 8...compared to other manufacturers but hey, it makes for an easier transition from 6 to 8 as it feels "normal" at 648mm...only the width to become familiar with. Finish on fingerboard and back of neck is perfect...fretwork is sublime and makes a very low action achievable if you so desire. Body is a beautiful sculpted shape and very well balanced on the strap without neck diving at all. Tuners are good and nut is cut well...bonus! Strings supplied aren't the best and sound a little dead but some Kerly's will sort that out when required. Sound is pretty good overall...bridge is lively and full sounding across the strings without excessive muddiness at all. Neck pickup is very warm and usable too. From clean to extreme distortion this thing really works well with a Zoom G3X processor with all of its many possibilities !! I opened the rear cover to look at the electronics and its a bit shabby looking but I finished it off to a better standard...its all cheap but functional stuff though. Whats has really made me fall in love with this guitar is the potential to increase it tonal capability...I'm talking about the pickups...they are 4 wire as standard...coil taps please...thank you. I fitted a mini toggle to achieve this + a 1meg tone pot (more treble) I have the most versatile instrument I have ever picked up...I mean WOW...its capabilites are endless and it all works beautifully to my ears. The heavy tones are there anyway but shrill, strat type highs are all there to be released for the sake of spending 10 quid on a pot and a toggle switch + half an hours work. You DO NOT need to swap out the pickups on this thing as they are workable. Simply one of my best purchases ever...although I have voided any warranty I don't care as my "experiment" has worked for me and at this price I ain't bothered anyway. This thing is built excessively and nothing can go wrong...Thanks Thomann for bringing this wonderful budget guitar...well pleased.