Harley Benton R-458 8 string guitar

Use: planned to use for solo performance, with extra bass strings

Pros: as usual, great value for money from HB and excellent customer service from Thomann. Amazing value for money. Not heavy and balances well on a strap.

Cons: out of the box this didn't work for me. I considered making a number of changes which might have transformed the experience, but in the end did not keep it. With a Harley Benton 6 string guitar I found that changing to my preferred strings and doing a full setup made a huge improvement, but on this I wasn't comfortable with things like how close the strings are to each other.

Summary: huge value for money, and a great entry into the world of extended range guitars. I have a 7 string I love and thought this would work for me. Personally I found it hard to adjust to and felt that it was too much work for me to customise it to my requirements.