Great entry to extended-range guitars

Everything you?d expect from a cheap guitar is missing from this.

Excellent tuners, something I was really concerned about as most cheap guitars come with awful tuning machines, these are really solid, hold tuning extremely well and are very consistent and just sensitive enough to make tuning totally fine.

The neck is delightful with a super light finish that almost feels like playing bare wood. Quite thin but definitely not too thin and a nice, flat D shape make it really comfortable to play.

The frets are pretty much perfect, and another area that was super surprising (cheaper instruments tend to have patchy fretwork at best) ? no sharp frets, everything is filed nicely.

The bridge is really solid, too, and coupled with the neck and frets, makes super low action totally doable.

Knobs and switch are fine and sturdy, nothing is loose/falling off.

The only downfall here is the pickups, they?re far from fantastic and really high output ? I always change pickups on guitars though and considering how easy it is, this really doesn?t put me off.

Stock strings are a little light and, coupled with the short-ish scale length, mean the bass strings were a little droopy when I got this, but a thicker set of strings fixed all that.

For the price, I?m really, really impressed; a pickup swap and a light setup turn this guitar into something I?d stack up against any guitar below £500.